We have worked to create an extensive menu of investment products, coupled with outstanding support services, create a powerful combination that may give you a serious competitive advantage. When you’re equipped with a plethora of products and the support you need to meet your business’ fundamental needs, you are freed up to focus on taking care of your clients in ways you’ve not been able to before while growing your business at the same time.

Our advisors have access to a wide range of products that allow them to choose the right mix for their clients’ unique needs and financial situations. As a full-service broker-dealer, we offer our  advisors have access to a differentiated product suite that includes:

• alternative investments
• private equity offerings
• asset management opportunities,
• a comprehensive offering of leading financial services products.

We have also created an infrastructure that redefines service among independent broker/dealers. Advisors affiliated with BCGS get to enjoy the benefits of independence while also having access to the tools that only a few broker-dealers supply, such as unparalleled marketing support, high-net-worth lead generation assistance and cutting-edge technology solutions.

You have the freedom to choose which products and services you will offer your clients. We want to provide you with a variety of best-in-class investment options. Because we are a full-service broker-dealer, we are able to provide you with some of the best products and services available in the industry so that you can achieve your financial goals and reach new heights of business growth.