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Estate Planning is the process through which you purposely accumulate and conserve your assets for your loved ones. It addresses your desires, dreams and goals taking into consideration legal and tax concerns. No matter what the size of your estate, you should organize your estate plan on the basis of three contingencies: Becoming disabled, dying too soon with dependent family members, and living too long without a source of sufficient income. We can help you minimize estate taxes and maximize what you pass on to your heirs.

BCG Securities has attorneys on staff who can work with your financial advisor and personal attorney (if you don’t have one we can recommend one) to craft a personalized estate plan for you and your family. Whether you need to provide for the ultimate distribution of your estate, financial protection for your family or estate and gift tax-saving strategies, we can help.

Let our valuable estate or succession planning services help you develop a plan that addresses your immediate and long term needs.

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