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 BCG Securities works with all the major fund companies, giving you access to more than 2,000 mutual funds.  We select companies based upon past performance, objective diversity, name recognition, service and sales support.  You'll have access to a large array of top load and no-load mutual fund families, including:

Accessor Funds

Guardian Investor Services

 Pacific Life Funds

AIM Funds

 Harris Insight Funds

 Parnassus Funds

Alger Fund

 Hartford Mutual Funds

 Phoenix Duff & Phelps

Alliance Capital

 Heritage Family of Funds

 Pilgrim Group, Inc.

American Century

 ICON Distributors

 PIMCO Funds

American Funds

 IDEX Management

 Pioneer Group

American Growth Fund

 ING Funds

 Principal Advantage Family of Funds

Ark Funds

 Invesco Funds Group

 Pro Funds INVEC



 Provident Investment Counsel Funds

Calamos Financial Services

 Ivy & Mackenzie


Calvert Group

 Jennison Dryden

 Rightime Funds

Clipper Funds

 JP Morgan Funds

 SAFECO Mutual Funds

Columbia Funds Management

 Keeley Investment Corp.

 Salomon Brothers Asset Management

Countrywide Investments

 Kelmore Investment Co., Inc.


Davis Funds/Clipper Funds

 Liberty Funds

 Security Benefit

Delaware Group

 Lord Abbett & Co.

 Seligman & Company

Deutsche Asset Management Funds

 Mainstay Funds

 Sentinel Family of Funds

Dreyfus Premier

 Mentor Funds

 Signator Funds

Eaton Vance


 SoGen Fund

Enterprise Funds

 Monitrend Funds

 Stagecoach Funds

Evergreen Funds

 Munder Funds

 State Street Research

Federated Investors

 Nations Funds

 Sun America

Fidelity (Advisor)

 Navellier Millenium Funds

 The Timothy Plan

Fidelity (Destiny)

 Noah Funds

 Thornburg Funds

First American Funds

 North Track

 Touchstone Securities

Fortis Financial Group

 Northstar Funds

 Transamerica Securities

FPA - First Pacific Advisors

 Nuveen Flagship

 Transamerica Premier Funds

Franklin Templeton

 NVest Funds

 UBS Global Asset Management

GAM - Global Asset Management


 Van Eck Global

Gartmore Funds

 Olstein Fund

 Van Kampen Funds

GE Mutual Funds

 Oppenheimer Funds

 Wells Fargo Funds

Goldman Sachs

 Orbitex Funds

 WM Group of Funds