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Whether fulfilling the financial planning needs of individual investors or businesses, it’s crucial to be able to offer your clients a comprehensive menu of retirement plan solutions. In addition to offering just such a comprehensive solution, Our services team possesses the experience and expertise to create custom, complex plans designed specifically for your clients.

While our services mirror the professionalism of large firms, we differ in the service we provide our clients. Rather than using pre-set designs, our benefit specialists work closely with each case to design a customized plan that meets the client’s specific needs and objectives. Our pension services group is set apart by our knowledge, proven in our ability to craft plans that maximize benefits while complying with statutory requirements. We foster relationships with investment product vendors, and this access to a wide variety of independent and proprietary products allows us to offer our clients the freedom to choose between an integrated or `a la carte solution. In other words, our team is skilled at designing custom plans that best address your company’s specific needs.

Open Architecture Investment Platform – Through our open architecture platform, we provide access, without restriction or proprietary requirements, to world-class investment options. BCG's investment platform allows you to independently, and objectively, select diverse investment options.

Fiduciary Consulting – We want to make sure you are comfortable with your role as a plan fiduciary. Our thorough fiduciary consulting services will encourage proper due diligence advice in order to minimize the potential for unforeseen liability.

At BCG Securities, we take pride in providing retirement plans for companies of all sizes. Our highly trained retirement plan professionals can help you choose the right plan.

An understanding of the various types of retirement plans is essential to making the best choice. Different plans have different features and involve varying degrees of administration and cost. Plans administered include:


  • Profit Sharing
  • 401(k)
  • Age Based
  • Defined Benefit
  • ESOP


  • 403(b)
  • New Comparability
  • 457
  • Permitted Disparity
  • Non-Qualified
  • Cash Balance